National Immunization Poster Contest

Every other year, Immunize Canada organizes a National Immunization Poster Contest, in conjunction with the Canadian Immunization Conference.

The 2018 contest is being held this fall. It provides Grade 6 students across Canada with an opportunity to submit works of art reflecting their ideas on immunization for good health. The winning posters are then reproduced and distributed in many formats.

The National Winner will receive an iPad, books, and art materials. The National Winner’s school library will receive a donation of science- and biotechnology-themed books.

The National Runner-up will receive an Instax Mini 9 camera and film, a science kit, books, and art materials. The National Runner-up’s school library will receive a donation of science- and biotechnology-themed books.

Each provincial/territorial winner will receive a science kit, books, and art materials.

Thank you to BIOTECanada (Vaccine Industry Committee) and to the Canadian Paediatric Society for generously donating excellent prizes to the National Immunization Poster Contest!






All original paper artwork submitted to the contest will be retained by Immunize Canada. Winning artwork will be reproduced and displayed at the Canadian Immunization Conference in Ottawa, Ontario from December 4-6, 2018.

Judging Criteria:

Submitted posters will be judged on the following 3 criteria:

  • creative (Is the poster imaginative?)
  • colourful (Do the bright colours catch your eye?)
  • clear message (Does the poster tell us why it is important to immunize kids?)

Resources for Teachers and Students

teachers_kit_2018_e_page 1.jpg

Teacher's Kit: Integrating immunization education into the Grade 6 curriculum

Provides teachers with resources and ideas organized by curriculum subject matter that may be used to prepare Grade 6 students with their poster contest entries.


Immunize Canada thanks the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

of the University of Toronto for reviewing this kit (revised in 2018).

(PDF: 7.9 MB)




Winning Posters from Past Contests

National Winners 2016


National Winner (English) (PDF: 418 KB)


National Runner-up (bilingual) (PDF: 395 KB)

Provincial Winners 2016


Alberta (English) (PDF: 419 KB)


British Columbia (English) (PDF: 510 KB)


Manitoba (English) (PDF: 513 KB)


New Brunswick (English) (PDF: 425 KB)


Newfoundland and Labrador (English) (PDF: 454 KB)


Nova Scotia (English) (PDF: 435 KB)


Ontario (English) (PDF: 421 KB)


Prince Edward Island (English) (PDF: 455 KB)


Quebec (English) (PDF: 442 KB)


Saskatchewan (English) (PDF: 506 KB)


(No entries were received from Yukon, the Northwest Territories, or from Nunavut for the 2016 Poster Contest.)

See the winning posters from the 2014 National Immunization Poster Contest.

Last Updated: 07 November 2018