National Immunization Awareness Week

National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW) is an annual event held in the last week of April to highlight and recognize the importance of immunization. Canada’s NIAW coincides with Vaccination Week in the Americas and World Immunization Week.

During NIAW, you will see increased publicity about the importance of immunization and the success and impact that immunization has had in protecting and saving lives. Many organizations, in Canada and around the world, participate in international strategies to raise awareness about the important role of vaccines.

Immunize Canada invites you to celebrate National Immunization Awareness Week with us from 25 April to 02 May 2020.

This year’s theme is: Trust. Protect. #VaccinesWork #NIAW2020

Media release for NIAW2020

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Immunize Canada has gone green! Please note that, now that stocks are depleted, Immunize Canada will no longer be providing printed resources. Once our NIAW resources are available for download, you are welcome to print them. Our resources will remain available online for free, and will be kept up to date! If you have questions, or if you wish to obtain high-resolution files for printing, or if you require adaptation of any Immunize Canada resource, or insertion of your organization’s logo, please contact the Immunize Canada Secretariat.


NIAW2020 Toolkit

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Safia talks about living with post-polio syndrome. She encourages everyone to be up to date with their immunizations.

Mallory is mother to a child who cannot be vaccinated. Her son relies on community immunity for protection.

Celebrate NIAW2020 with these activities:


National Immunization Awareness Week 2020 in your community!

Use our sample Proclamation.


about immunization with these credible online resources.


your own immunization awareness activities in your community. Download our updated Awareness Campaign Ideas - Get your community involved resource.


  • your plans and ideas for Immunization Awareness Week activities with your colleagues across Canada! Contact us and send us your ideas/plan/suggestions. Get ideas from our updated Awareness Campaign Ideas resource.
  • messaging promoting immunization via social media – using the hashtags #VaccinesWork and #NIAW2020.


Read a short article about Canada’s National Immunization Awareness Week.

Last Updated: 27 April 2020